Redesign cPanel Buying Process

July 7, 2021


cPanel is a web hosting provider's tools to manage their sites, servers, and businesses. I designed and optimized the cPanel Store buying process and upselling offers to extend cPanel & WHM capabilities. I also improved the license management after their purchase.

cPanel Store
Core Responsibilities

Information Architecture, User Research, Usability Testing, Wireframe, Interactive Prototype, & User interface Design


3 months from research to design before handing it off to developers and another 2 - 3 months to complete the implementation.

Additional Context

cPanel was acquired by Oakley Capital company during the redesign phase which resulted many organizational changes.

Targeted Audience

cPanel Partners and small to medium-size businesses.

The What

I was the lead designer for this project which means I planned and executed all user research & user testing, developed sitemap, user flow, wireframe, interactive prototype, and UI design. I coordinated and collaborated with front-end and back-end development. Ensured our expected results align with the plans and goals.

cPanel Store Information Architecture
Original Sitemap Architecture

Analyze and identify the pain points in the buying, upselling opportunities, purchase time, and license managing process.


I defined the goals, strategies and executed the plans. Collected all the evidence through data collection included task time, success/fail, complexity rating, and error logs. I performed further research to establish the current benchmark.

Original cPanel Store
Original cPanel Store

I gathered google analytic data, heatmaps, video recordings, customer service feedback, user flows, sitemaps, and updated persona.

I identified the type of UX metrics needed to develop appropriate scenarios and tasks. I recruited internal employees, performed user testing, and synthesized findings.

I hypothesized and developed wireframe and interactive prototypes. I performed several quick user tests to validate the hypothesis.


Gathered both UX quantitative and qualitative metrics, which allowed us to steer the direction and measure return on investment (ROI) against future iterations. In this research project, I planned and developed 10 scenarios with 10 tasks. I conducted 20 user tests utilizing executives and internal employees to identify common issues.

Planned and developed 10 scenarios with 10 tasks and conducted 20 user tests.


Scenarios, each scenario contained a task


People participated in user tests


Executive Managers, & Product Owners


Hours of videos recorded


Through user testing, I discovered common errors, inefficiency, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. The main takeaway was not being able to access and manage licenses from the corporate site.

One of User Test Scenarios & Tasks

Scenario: You have a server set up at home and need software that allows for server management for several clients. You discovered a solution that fits your need.

Task: Buy a monthly cPanel & WHM license that allows you to sell web hosting and manage sites for at least 5 user accounts.

Users were unable to log in to manage their license(s) from the home page.


Users could not determine which license to buy based on # of user accounts requirement (VPS vs Dedicated).


Setting the number of licenses was not apparent. The user did not know the IP Address was associated with the number of orders.

6m 11s

Average time


Task pass


Complexity Rating


Created a low-fidelity interactive prototype and structured the process of buyer user flow. Once user flow had been finalized, then created the UX/UI final design.

Userflow Prototype
Low-Fidelity Interactive Prototype
Formulate Userflow & Wireframe

I hypothesized and formulated a new user flow to address the pain points and common user errors discovered in user research. I took the opportunity to increase business opportunities to expand services.

Userflow & Wireframe
UI Design Concept

I stylized, enhanced, and finalized user interface and interaction behavior using the cPanel brand and design language.

Configure Order
Configure Order
Manage Licenses
Manage Licenses


Traffic to the cPanel store had increased by 30%, and in the first month, sales were up by more than 5% after the redesign launch.

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