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Long Duong Portrait
Long Duong Portrait
My name is Long Duong and I am a User Experience, User Interface, & Front-End Designer based in Houston, TX. I am a strategic and multidisciplinary designer with an eye for simplicity. My qualities are a decisive go-getter and contemplative thinker with years of extensive experience ranging from software, medical to consulting businesses.
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Forming questions, understanding your audience's role, and identify challenges and opportunities to deliver the results built on trust and shared understanding of business priorities and goals.
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From paper, interactive prototypes to mockups, including page layout and navigational elements to integrate site concept, visual design, interface, and navigational structure and processes.
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Info Architecture
Design and implement information structure by studying the concept, strategy, and target audience; envisioning architectural scheme, organization, features, functionality, navigation; evaluating information representation.
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An eye for a clean and simple design with the ability to define and translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artifacts, and transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces.
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User Experience
An essential part of process through empirical observation using both qualitative and quantitative data to identify user needs, pain points, and opportunities to unite user and business value proposition.
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Web Development
Practical and extensive knowledge on wide range of coding language and software tools necessary for design and web development including applications, software, and technologies.


Sr. UX/UI Front-End Designer
Dec 2021 - Present
NFP, An Aon Company
Insurance broker and consultant providing specialized property and casualty, coporate benefits, retirement and individual solutions.
  • Develop, manage and improve user flow and web design for mobile and web
  • Lead & conduct requirements gathering, UX/UI research, usability testing, design & implementation
  • Assess, consult & provide UX/UI recommendations to bridge stakeholders' requirements and end user's goals
  • Update, maintain & oversee UX/UI on NFP websites
UX/UI Manager
Jan 2019 - Dec 2021
University of Houston
Empower students in their pursuit of learning, discovery, leadership and engagement.
  • Developed, managed and improved user flow and web design for mobile and web
  • Led & conducted requirements gathering, UX/UI research, usability testing, design & implementation
  • Assessed, consulted & provided UX/UI recommendations to bridge stakeholders' requirements and end user's goals
  • Updated, maintained & oversaw UX/UI on uh.edu and uhsystyem.edu
  • Led, fostered and managed a team of 4 developers
Sr. UX/UI Designer
Jun 2011 - Jan 2019
cPanel, Inc
Provide web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers.
  • Led & collaborated usability research, information structure, wireframe prototype, design, develop, and maintain more than 15 websites and 2 software applications.
  • Performed and analyzed A/B Testing stats.
  • Designed, developed & assembled general user experience library to unify a consistent brand and improve how teams build experiences.
  • Optimized and automated digital communication for both internal & external stakeholders
Jan 2005 - Dec 2013
A part time consultant and lead designer.
  • Led the creative vision, user experience, and web development.
  • Managed web development & architected website redesign in Wordpress.
  • Successfully built a community of thousands of unique visitors on a minimal budget.
  • Analyzed stats and optimized features for conversion and usability.
  • Catered to over 15 clients life-to-date.
UI/Web Developer
Jun 2007 - Jan 2011
Lloyd's Register Technical Services
A risk-based asset management and task plan strategies.
  • Lead UI developer for Arivu & Arivu Modelor - an asset maintenance plan based on web application technology for Energy business sector.
  • Develop, maintain, and improve usability and accessibility of modules, administrative interface, and overall structure workflow.
  • Developed and customized CSS templates framework to accommodate business’ brand.
UX Engineer
Feb 2007 - Jul 2007
Ansh Labs LLC
Medical Devices Industry
  • Researched, analyzed, and developed user experience design of medical devices software, instrumentation interfaces, web, and mobile application.
  • Defined and improved information/visual architecture.
Web Designer
Jul 2001 - Oct 2007
Beckman Coulter - Diagnostic Systems Labs
A specialty technology for reproductive endocrinology and cardiovascular risk assessment.
  • Successfully implemented over 20 internet and email marketing campaigns.
  • Managed $150,000 - $300,000 budget with over 20 publishers, 15 exhibit meetings, and 10 online advertising campaigns.
  • Designed and distributed over 15,000 product catalogs and listings on yearly basis.
  • Conceptualized and designed instrumentation and package design from initial stage to final products.
  • Designed and improved software Graphic User Interface (GUI), web-based applications, component designs, site navigation, and keypad user interfaces.
Web Developer
Jun 1999 - Jul 2001
MegaMania Interactive Inc.
A web design services, ecommerce solutions, application development and hosting services provider
  • Collaborated on developing, designing, improving, and hand-coding the infrastructure of 123city.net (geographic local search engine).
  • Established, customized & implemented internet/intranet solutions on variety of projects.
  • Designed more than 25 web base templates, 30 banner/billboard ads, and 10 electronic animated greeting cards.
Graphic Designer
Jun 1999 - Sept 1999
Houston Creative Connections (Known s Aquent)
A professional services firm in helping companies to make use of people, processes, and tech more effectively.
  • Collaborative designs with Houston Chronicle.
  • Fabricate and edit day-to-day layout design, direct mail, ad slicks, POS brochures and classified ads.
  • Oversee CMYK correction and scanning.
Graphic Designer
Jul 1997 - Jun 1999
Silver Express Fine Sterling Silver
A manufacturer of sterling silver, stone, and bead jewelry.
  • Responsible for over $75,000-$150,000 budget related design project costs.
  • Designed & published advertisements with over 15 jewelry publishers.
  • Constructed and manufactured any media form such as marketing presentation, catalogs, signing, ad slicks, direct mail, POS brochures, and classified ads.
  • Research and develop product materials/coloration ranging from displays to card design.
  • Designed & maintained cost efficient model for over 10 fixtures/displays and more than 20 cards through innovative design.
  • Cultivate and improve logistic manufacturing and production’s process.

May 2023
ConveyUX - Seatle, WA
  • User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know
  • Measuring User Experience
  • Analytics and User Experience
  • The Human Mind and Usability
Sept 2019
Cascade CMS Training - Austin, TX
  • User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know
  • Measuring User Experience
  • Analytics and User Experience
  • The Human Mind and Usability
Mar 2018
NNGroup UX Conference / Certification Credits - Los Angles, CA
  • User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know
  • Measuring User Experience
  • Analytics and User Experience
  • The Human Mind and Usability
Jun 2017
Financial Forecasting / American Management Association- Chicago, IL
Sept 2016
Mozcon / Digital Marketing - Seatle, WA
Nov 2015
Future of Web Design - New York City, NY
Jan 2014
Agile Marketing Boot Camp - Washington, DC
Sept 2013
User Experience Training / Kelsey Ruger - Houston, TX
Mar 2010 & 2011
South by SouthWest Interactive - Austin, TX
Oct 2008
User Interface Engineering Conference - Boston, MA
May 1996
Bachelor of Fine Arts / Industrial Design / RIT - Rochester, NY

Awards + Contributions
Jun 2016
Free cP Starter Style: Light  Dark cPanel UI Dashboard / Source
Nov 2015
AMA Crystal Awards / Source
  • User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know
  • Measuring User Experience
  • Analytics and User Experience
  • The Human Mind and Usability
Sept 2013
cPanel Branding Basics: A Guide for Reseller Hosts / Source
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A one of a kind that solves diverse issues on multiple platforms.

Creativity + Interaction + Experience + Business


Experienced in web/software applications, user interface, print advertising, industrialized product and interaction designs.
User Interviews
rate 4 of 5
User Testing
rate 4 of 5
A/B Testing
rate 4 of 5
Rapid Prototype
rate 5 of 5
Grid Based Layout
rate 5 of 5
Behavior Analysis
rate 4 of 5
Responsive Design
rate 5 of 5
Info Architecture
rate 5 of 5
rate 5 of 5
Digital Marketing
rate 3 of 5
Development Code
rate 4 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 3 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
Command Line
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
Jekyll Static Gen
rate 2 of 5
Software Tools
VS Code/Atom
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
Google Analytics
rate 2 of 5
Data Studio
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
Adobe XD
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
rate 2 of 5
Microsoft 365
rate 2 of 5

UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.

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